Andere internationale Veranstaltungen

Donnerstag, 20 September 2018

2nd EUSALP Annual Forum Empfehlung

2nd EUSALP Annual Forum
The 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum will take place on 20 and 21 November 2018 in the heart of the Alps at the Congress Innsbruck. The event, jointly organised by the Tyrolean EUSALP Presidency and the European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, will address the motto "shaping.future.together. with the…
Congrès des Rèserves naturelles de France 2018
Le 37ème congrès des Réserves naturelles de France 2018 se tiendra du 4 au 7 avril 2018 à Ronce-les-Bains (La Tremblade), en Charente-Maritime  Thème du congrès : « 500 Réserves naturelles en 2030 ? Quelle vision d’avenir ? Quelles clés de réussite ? Quels financements ? » Ouverture des inscriptions début janvier…
CIPRA Annual Conference: “Alpine spheres: natural limits, infinite possibilities”
CIPRA Annual Conference 2017 will take place in Innsbruck on 29th-30th September. The conference main topic will be spatial planning in the Alps. Several challenges are putting a relevant pressure on the future development of the Alps underlining the need to discuss the future perspectives of the spatial planning of the…
Mittwoch, 06 September 2017

Europarc Federation Conference 2017

Europarc Federation Conference 2017
The annual EUROPARC Conference will take place in Portuguese Magic Mountains in the beginning of September 2017. It is the biggest event gathering protected area experts from across Europe. The theme of this year’s conference is “New voices, new visions, new values – for people and nature in Europe”: it…
Freitag, 19 Mai 2017

Interpret Europe Spring Event

Interpret Europe Spring Event
 From 19-21 May 2017 Interpret Europe network will meet for their Spring Event 'Crossing Borders' in Prague to discuss how we can work more closely together, and how we can improve our skills in giving a deeper meaning to heritage all across Europe.You can find introductions to all workshops and…
Euromab 2017: European and North American Biosphere Reserve meetings, Dordogne Basin Biosphere Reserve, France
Freitag, 26 August 2016

IUCN World conservation congress

IUCN World conservation congress
Between the 1st and 10th of September 2016 in Hawai'i it will take place the IUCN Word conservation Congress which is the world’s largest and most democratic recurring conservation event in the world. Heads of State and other high-level government officials, top CEOs and business leaders, representatives from indigenous groups…
EUROPARC-Jahreskonferenz „Wir sind Park“
Die EUROPARC-Jahreskonferenz wird vom 18. bis 22. Oktober 2016 im Vallée de Joux im Parc Jura vaudois stattfinden. Unter dem Titel "Wir sind Park‘, wird das Thema Gouvernance behandelt werden. Das Modell der Schweizer Pärke, welches der lokalen Bevölkerung hinsichtlich der aktuellen Entwicklung und der Zukunft ihres Parks eine zentrale…
Europäischer Tag der Schutzgebiete
Entdecken Sie am 24. Mai 2016 ein Schutzgebiet in ihrer Nähe und probieren Sie regionale und traditionelle Produkte!Über 250 Aktivitäten von Mai bis Juni 2016 in 22 europäischen Staaten. Die Initiative wird von der EUROPARC-Federation organisiert und soll zum Verständnis der Verbindung zwischen Schutzgebieten und nachhaltiger Landwirtschaft und deren Bedeutung…
Dienstag, 24 Mai 2016

European Day of Parks

European Day of Parks
Every year European Day of Parks takes place on and around 24th of May. It aims to bring people closer to nature and raise public awareness on the importance of the natural beauty preserved in Protected Areas and the importance of conservation and sustainable management of those places. The European…